Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lambfest Supported by NEW GOLDEN NATURAL FOODS

Sunday surprised some of us at Cult Table with a spontaneous dinner centered around an excuse to play Assassin's Creed. I called Mike to see if I could get an hour in on his XBOX 360 only to discover that his twin brother, Andy, was already occupying the couch and the game AND that my own brother, Vadan, AKA BigMouth, was on his way over to do the same. They were planning a dinner for four (Andy's boyfriend David was holding fort in the kitchen, as well) and Mike already had a lamb tagine and a delectable citrus and fennel salad in the works. Vadan was bringing a version of the sausage and lentil stew that he and his wife, Stacey, had served Meghan and me a week earlier. Naturally I had to invite myself over and decided to bring a couple lamb loin chops over to augment the meal.

As I'm sure you're aware, GOLDEN PRODUCE, the awesome little inexpensive, organic produce market across the street from the Market Street Safeway, has opened a new store a few shops down called GOLDEN NATURAL FOOD. It has a full meat and fish counter as well as a selection of wine, dairy, gourmet and dry goods. I have been waiting for this place to open forever so I was super psyched to get my first purchase in the joint. On my way over, Mike called to let me know that all the ladies were joining us, having just emerged from a showing of that new Katherine Heigle vehicle, the legendary 27 Dresses (I have nothing to say on that), so I got 6 thick organic lamb loin chops at $12 a pound which more than fed the 8 of us. This is a store that is just getting going, but once it hits its stride, between the produce market and the new market, I will never have to go to Safeway again! Check it out. The meal was awesome and wee all got drunk on a selection of Malbec brought over by David and Andy as well as half a bottle of my current favorite cab under $25: Est. 1975 from Amber Knolls Vineyard.

Check out's awesome little list of good meat markets in San Francisco

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