Thursday, February 7, 2008

ngI’m not a coffee drinker, so to me this is ridiculous

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. just got a $20,000 coffee machine. This just seems a little extreme I mean how good can a cup of coffee get. I have never been to Blue Bottle so this is all coming from a place of ignorance, but I think a cup of coffee should cost about a dollar fifty. For hundreds of year’s people have ordered a cup of joe and slapped down a nickel, a quarter, a dollar or some nice whole number and everything was just fine. Has coffee changed? Have coffee drinkers changed? Not really. But thanks in part to the devil itself, Star Bucks, the way coffee is sold has changed. It is now very expensive stuff and priced according to no real rhyme or reason.

Blue Bottles $20,000 machine works like an inverted French press, heating water from the bottom and forcing it up with the coffee into a receptacle on the top. The machine seems to infuse the coffee with great flavor and impart a very delicate texture. It looks like a lot of hype if you ask me, but, then again, no one did.

If I pay 3.50 for a drink there better be some booze in there. As far as I know Blue Bottle doesn’t have a liquor license

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